“It is my great pleasure to know Maureen Smith, so amazing, intelligent and charismatic woman, who always shows the way how to fulfill your life with a joy, happiness and health.  Her Feeling Good Wellness Program is the perfect example.

Our food choices each day affect our health — how we live today, tomorrow, and in the future. Healthy eating includes consuming organic high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Eating in this manner helps us maintain our body’s everyday functions, promote optimal body weight and can assist in disease prevention.

Maureen Smith’s “Feeling Good Wellness” creative menus are the secret of our longevity and vitality. Enjoy!”

Dr. Irina Urben, M.D. • Mastery Invision Coaching LLC

“The gut and food are center stage in the drama of healing chronic disease, digestion, bloating and weight issues.  Maureen Smith has lived through this and healed herself from various food sensitivities and allergies and  additionally emotionally supported  and coached her own sister through a long  2/12 year battle  of colon cancer who unfortunately passed away.

This developed in Maureen  a life long journey on health, healing  and passion to service and to do this through raising awareness and more availability of great organic health food, that is gluten-free and  aspartame free. Prestigious institutions around the world studying the link  of diet and heart, brain, gut and even auto-immune disease are saying that today’s gluten is the new smoking, it is not healthy for any gut. Plants make gluten in the wild to protect from being eaten, as they are resistant to digestion and contain a sticky lectin that leaves a damaging path through the human body. Maureen makes available the healthiest, tastiest, gluten-free foods, organic and natural choices  at the hotel/corporate level and  restaurants  as part of her wellness brand.  This is brilliant, needed and appreciated. I am her fan. ”

Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson:

 Author of Hormone Deception, Safe Hormones, Smart Women, Health Digestion the Natural Way (laucnhing a revision as Gut, Gluten, & Digestion… the natural way) and many more. Dr. Berkson is thought leader in health that combines smart with heart.